Ernst Bohne (& Söhne)

Ernst Bohne (& Söhne)
Debrastraße 13, Rudolstadt. Thuringia.
Kunst- und Phantasie - Artikel / Art & fantasy items

Ernst Bohne first started porcelain decoration in 1848, only installing a kiln for the manufacture of porcelain in 1850. When Ernst died in 1856, his sons, Gustav, Karl and David took over the company as Ernst Bohne & Söhne. By 1883 David was left as sole proprietor, so in turn David's children continued the dynasty, operating as Ernst Bohne & Söhne Inhaber Bernhard Bohne und Martha Suhr by 1907. The company was purchased by Gebrüder Heubach of Lichte in 1919 and ran as a branch of Heubach until 1930, when the factory capacity was no longer required. After being repurchased in 1937, Ernst Bohne & 
Söhne  was reopened, at the original address, as Albert Stahl & Co. vormals Ernst Bohne &  Söhne . Albert Stahl was the one time accountant for Ernst Bohne & Söhne. Following World War II the factory was nationalised by the East German government and subsequently merged with the Sitzendorfer Porzellanmanufaktur in 1974, but then in 1990 was reprivatised and reassumed the name Albert Stahl & Co. At this point they commenced making "reproductions" of the Ernst Bohne & Söhne range, as well as other figural steins.

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Ernst Bohne (& Söhne) 16-6-2-2Lid and insert details of the featured stein (right).
Ernst Bohne (& Söhne) 3 Ernst Bohne & Söhne "EB" & anchor mark,  on 1/3 Ltr.skull stein, dated 1854 to after 1900.
Ernst Bohne  Ernst Bohne & Söhne "EB" & anchor mark,  on 1/2 Ltr. skull stein, dated 1854 to after 1900.
Ernst Bohne (& Söhne) 16-6-2-51/2 litre "Bison" (#5827) character stein (ECS74) in bisque porcelain, dated 1890 - 1900. Also available in 1/4 litre. Glass eyes fitted. Decorators painted their initials on the bases and lid inserts on originals, but not later versions.
Ernst Bohne (& Söhne) 07 1/2 litre #9136, "Gaudeamus Igitur Juvenes Dum Sumus"  "So let us be merry whilst we are still young".
Ernst Bohne (& Söhne) 06 The "EB" & Anchor, plus mould no. 9136/2, on skull stein above of Ernst Bohne & Söhne, together with the mould number on featured stein.
Ernst Bohne (& Söhne) 11-7 Ernst Bohne & Söhne "EB" & anchor mark,  on 1/2 Ltr.skull stein, dated 1854 to after 1900.
Ernst Bohne (& Söhne) 2 Later Ernst Bohne & Söhne crown mark on  1/2 Ltr.skull stein, dated up to 1919.
Ernst Bohne (& Söhne) 16-6-2-3Capacity mark on the 0.5 litre featured stein (left). This is always on the outside, as opposed to Schierholz whose capacity marks are always on the inside.
Ernst Bohne (& Söhne) 5Ernst Bohne & Söhne "EB" & anchor mark, dated 1854 to after 1900.
Sausage man 21-7-6-10.5 litre "Snufftaker" #4198. Otherwise known as Tyrolean Man, ECS271 (#56). Thumbpull consists of a radish riding a sausage (see below), together with the handle made up of three sausage links. Capacity mark is placed externally, adjacent to the handle top.
Sausageman 21-7-6-2 Thumbpull on"Snufftaker" #4198, above,  consisting of a radish riding a sausage.     ×      

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