Pfeifenfabrik H. Heinrich Rang

Pfeifenfabrik Heinrich (Heinz) Rang

Martinstraße 30, Altstadt, Cologne, Rhine Province or Rhenish Prussia, Prussia (now North Rhine-Westphalia)

Porzellanmalerei & Keramikwarenhandel. / Porcelain decorator & Ceramics Wholesaler.

H. Rang had his premises in Coln-Altstadt (the Old Town) just across the river Rhine from the district of Coln-Deutz 

where the troops, who purchased the steins, were garrisoned. 

Known dates: 1897 - 1915.

The German spelling for Cologne, varied over the years. So in 1900 the Prussian Minister for Interior Affairs, issued an edict that the correct spelling for
Cologne was Cöln. However, on the 1st February 1919, the mayor of Cologne,
Konrad Adenauer, stated the official name was again Köln. 

But as can be seen, most people continued to use the spelling they preferred.

Purchased stein bodies from: Merkelbach & Wick


Josef Lang 16-3-7-4Side view of the featured stein"Bald ertonet das Signal dann haf Reserve Ruh"4 C P. Westphalian Pioneers.
Josef Lang 16-3-7-5Detailed close up of the lid of the featured stein above. 
Pfeifenfabrik H. Heinrich Rang 1Regimental dated 1897. Köln spelt with a "K".
Pfeifenfabrik H. Heinrich Rang 2Regimental dated 1909. Köln spelt with a "K".
Josef Lang 16-3-7-2 Stoneware stein by Merkelbach & Wick "Rheines Strande dienten wir 2 Jahre treu als Pionier". "We served faithfully for two years as pioneers on the Rhine beaches". Reservist dating 1903 - 1905.
Pfeifenfabrik H. (Heinrich) Rang 11-8-19-1 "3rd Eskadron. Kürs. Regiment.  Graf Gessl rhn. no.8. Deutz". Stein with impressed base mark of Merkelbach & Wick. Decorated for Gefreiter Kramer,  winner of the 1st  Karabiner Schiels Preis, dated 1902.
Josef Lang 16-3-7-3Side view of the featured stein "Pionier das schwarze Thor tut sich alle Andern vu?" Battalion No.7 Cöln - Deutz
Josef Lang 16-3-7-6Signature on the base of the above Regimental stein
Pfeifenfabrik H. (Heinrich) Rang 11-8-19-2Decorator's signature on featured stein (left), dated 1902.
Pfeifenfabrik H. Heinrich Rang 3Stein manufactured by Merkelbach & Wick. Köln spelt with a "K".
Heinrich Rang 4 3 Esk. 2 Westf. Ulanen Regt. No. 5, Düsseldorf,  dated 1912 to 1915. Cöln spelt with a "C".

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