Buchecker & Co

Buchecker & Co.
Excelsiorwerk, Alpenquai 28, Grimselweg 5, Lucerne. Switzerland.
Malerei & Keramikwarenhandel. / Decorator & Ceramic's Wholesaler
Founded in 1901, Buchecker & Co. decorated & sold steins between the 1930's - 1970's. They were taken over in 2008 by Hunkler Gastro A.G., a hotel & restaurant supplier.
The assets were moved to a new showroom at Grimselweg 5 in 2009.
Purchased Steins from: Wick-Werke
 Reference: Buchecker
Buchecker & Co. 16-5-10-2 "Feldschlösschen Bier / Stadt Keller, Luzern"1 Litre. Dated 1954, manufactured by Wick-Werke.
Buchecker & Co. 16-5-10-1 Capacity mark on a "Feldschlösschen Bier / Stadt Keller, Luzern" 1/2 litre stein. Dated 1954.
Buchecker & Co. 2 Impressed mark, dated 1951
Buchecker & Co.14-1-2-1Modern paper label on the inside of a glass ashtray. 
Buchecker & Co. 16-5-10-3  Ink stamp on the base of a porcelain ashtray.
Buchecker & Co.13-4-30-1 Basemark on a later 2 Litre Brewery stein marked "Feldschlösschen", dated 1969. Note Anglicised spelling "Lucerne"
Buchecker & Co.13-4-30-2 Capacity mark on a 2 Litre Brewery stein marked "Feldschlösschen", dated 1969
Buchecker & Co. 3Swiss military stein manufactured by Wick-Werke.
Buchecker & Co. 16-5-10-4Base marks on Swiss military stein (featured above) manufactured by Wick-Werke.
Buchecker & Co.13-5-29-1 Clearer impressed basemark on a 1934 "Tir Federal", Canton of Fribourg Shooting stein.

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