J.C. Beigel / J.D.Beigel

Johann Conrad Beigel
ße H22, G12, H19, Karolinenstraße C44, Hoher Weg 44, Augsburg. Bavaria.
Zinngießerei. / Pewterer.
On 28th September 1812, Johann Georg Beigel married Johanna Regina Margaretha Stemmer (b.28/11/1789). Johann Conrad Beigel was born, the tenth of twelve children, on the 22nd March 1823. On the 10th February 1851 Johann Conrad, by now a Zinngießermeister (Master Pewterer) married Maria Wilhemina Johanna Gutmann (b.22/1/1827 - d.8/10/1853). They had a son Johann Konrad Wilhelm (b.29/03/1852). In the second half of 1852, Johann Conrad attended exhibitions principally as a toy (soldiers) maker, to advertise his wares. He remarried on the 14th May 1854 to Rosina Regina Friederike Schreitmüller (b.5/09/1817 - d.25/04/1879). Their home and workshop was at Jakoberstraße H22. They had four children, the second of which, Jakob Johann Conrad Beigel was born 11/12/1857. Johann Conrad became the chairman of the local pewterers. He now used both the the ground floor and the third floor of Jakoberstraße H22. In 1870 they moved to Jakoberstraße G12. On the 19th August 1875 Johann Conrad died, so his wife Rosina took over the business. She expanded the business with their apartment at Jakoberstraße G12, but with their workshop now at Jakoberstraße H19. In 1879 Rosina died and her son Jakob took over the business. In 1895 yet another store was opened at Karolinenstraße C44. In 1906 he again expanded the product range, selling both pewter items and china. 1907 saw the closing of the store at Jakoberstraße H19. From 1909 the Karolinenstraße C44 address was used in conjunction with Hoher Weg 44. By 1913 he had stopped selling pewter items, but was selling only glass and porcelain, solely out of Hoher Weg 44. By 1919 Jakob Beigel was no longer listed in the Augsburg address books.
Purchased stein bodies from: Villeroy & Boch - Mettlach, Ernst Dorfner & CoMarzi & Remy
Reference: Zinnfiguren - Bleifiguren
J.C.BeigelJ.C. Beigel touchmark on underside of featured stein lid.
J.C.Beigel 2 J.C. Beigel
J.C. Beigel / J.D. Beigel 12-8-14-1 J.C.Beigel
J.C. Beigel / J.D.Beigel 05"RADLER-CLUB  JSARIA", dated 1891.  (Cycling Club Isar) River Isar, a major tributary of the Danube, is the river which flows through Munich. Marzi & Remy stein with J.C. Beigel pewter lid.
J.C. Beigel / J.D.Beigel 06 Lid on featured stein by J.C. Beigel, probably not original.
J.D.Beigel J.C. Beigel

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