Peter Willems

Peter Willems
Höhr, Hesse-Nassau, Prussia. (now Höhr-Grenzhausen, Rhineland Palatinate).
Keramikwarenhandel / Ceramics wholesaler
Known dates: Circa 1905~1912
Purchased steins from: Marzi & Remy.  Diesinger
Peter Willems 18-7-19-4Side view of the featured Diesinger #31 / Peter Willems #285
Peter Willems 2 Basemark on a Marzi & Remy stein.
Peter Willems 18-7-19-2This stein was made from the mould of Diesinger #31. Whether it was made in the Diesinger factory is up for debate.
Peter Willems 18-7-19-1Base marks of the above stein showing PW and his mould number #285. There are no Diesinger base marks.
Peter Willems 18-7-19-3Side view of the featured Diesinger #31 / Peter Willems #285
Peter Willems 1Basemark on a Marzi & Remy stein.

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