Max Mandl

Fürstenstraße 9, Munich, Bavaria.
Entwerfer-Künstler /  Designer Artist
Max Mandl was born in 1864, in the Saxon German city of Hermannstadt, Siebenbürgen
Austria-Hungary, (now Sibiu, Transylvania, Romania).

He was a painter, graphic artist and poster artist. He worked in Budapest but by 1892, had settled in Munich.
He was an employee of the publishing house Braun & Schneider and also worked for the Fliegende Blatter.
His known stein designs were between 1910 & 1913. 
Between 1914 and 1918 he created propaganda posters for the German war effort. He died in Munich in 1937.

Produced designs, on Marzi & Remy , Merkelbach & Wick steins for: Martin Pauson


Max Mandl 14-3-16-4 Featured stein (top centre) shows, in Bayrisch (Bavarian dialect), the drinker's disappointment when he blows into his freshly poured stein of beer and only froth comes out. "Aba' des is' schlecht eing(e)schenkt!" "But this is poorly poured!"
Max Mandl 14-3-16-3Merkelbach & Wick capacity mark on featured stein (top centre), together with Pauson on the hinge assembly shank.
Max Mandl 14-3-16-2 Artist's signature on the featured stein (top centre).
Max Mandl 14-3-16-11/2 litre stein with lid marked by, and presumably sold through Martin Pauson. It has the Merkelbach & Wick roundel base mark.
Max Mandl 17-1-3-1 1/2 litre Marzi & Remy stein. Bayrisch saying: "Mir sagen nix danach, mir dazu u. fragen nix schnupfa' höchstens drauf a' Pris' Tabak"  "We say nothing to it, we ask nothing afterwards, at most we snuff a pinch of tobacco on that".
Max Mandl 17-1-3-3Artist's signature on featured stein (bottom centre).
Max Mandl 17-1-3-2 Marzi & Remy base mark on stein (bottom centre).
M.Mandl1 Artist's Signature on another stein - Dated 1913.

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