Porzellanmalerei Ambrosius Lamm

Porzellanmalerei Ambrosius Lamm
Langestraße 2, Zinzendorfstraße, Dresden. Saxony.
 Porzellan-Malerei, Kunst- und Antiquitäten-Handlung / Porcelain decorating shop, Art and Antiques trade
Known dates: Founded in 1887 in 
Langestraße 2. They produced "Royal Vienna" style steins through to 1914. 
They were at Langestraße 2 in 1891, they then moved to Zinzendorfstraße. 
The company was taken over by his daughter in 1934.
 Zinzendorfstraße was destroyed in 1944, but the company was thought to have traded through to 1949.
Purchased stein bodies from: Königliche Porzellanmanufaktur  
Reference: Porcelain Marks & More  Slub-Dresden Page 41,  Saxony Address books

Ambrosius Lamb 2
Ambrozius Lamb 1Used between 1887 - 1915

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