(Kaspar) Reischenböck & (Josef) Schindele

Schindele & Reischenböck, München.
Dachauerstraße 155 , Munich, Bavaria.
Porzellanhändler / Porcelain Dealers
Josef Schindele (Porcelain dealer) and Kaspar Reischenböck (Merchant) were in partnership between 1898 - 1900.
Purchased steins from:

schindele & Reischenböck, München. 16-4-16-2Side view of the featured stein, with the dealer's name and address on the left of the lady in red. "Behüt dich Gott.  Es wär zu schön gewesen".May God protect you.  It could have been so beautiful.
Schindele & Reischenböck, München. 16-4-16-4 Magnification of the dealer's name and address on the left of the lady in red. Note; the recorded name of the partnership was Schindele und Reischenböck, which commenced in 1898, but the stein is marked Reischenböck u. Schindele.  Look right for probable explanation.
Schindele & Reischenböck, München. 16-4-16-120th Infantry Regiment, 7th Company, Kempten. 1896 -1898. "Erinnerung an meine Dienstzeit"Remembrance of my service time.
Schindele & Reischenböck, München. 16-4-16-3Side view of the featured stein, dated 1898. "Es lebe hoch das Regiment, das sich mit Stolz das 20 nennt".Long live the regiment, that is named with pride the 20th.
Josef Schindele 12-2-7-1 The J. Schindele name and address (shown immediately above), dated from 1904, would have been very similar in 1897/8. If you look at the earlier Reischenböck u. Schindele name and address (shown on left), it would appear that the "Reischenböck  u." was probably added as a later instruction, due to the new  partnership forming during 1898.

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