A. Wahnschaffe
Josephspla(t)z / Josefsplatz 202, 211 and 18, Fürther Straße 35, Königstraße 45, Keßlerplatz 17 & Ludwigstraße 40, Nuremberg, Bavaria.
 They also had branches in Bad Kissingen, Bavaria,  and Dienerstraße 22, then in 1929, Theatinerstrasse 18
, Munich, Bavaria. 
Manufaktur- und Spielwaren-handlung en Gros & en Detail / Toy manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer
Königlich Bayerischer Hoflieferant / Purveyor to the Royal Bavarian Court, was awarded by King Ludwig III.

Founded in 1859 by the merchant Herbert August Ludwig Wahnschaffe, as A. Wahnschaffe Manufaktur- und Spielwaren-handlung en Gros & en Detail / Toy manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer, based in Josephsplaz 202, Nuremberg 4. In 1863 he moved the business to Josephsplaz 211. In 1868 he published his first catalogue, no longer listing himself as a manufacturer, and a year later moved into Josephsplatz 18. Effective as of the 15th June 1887, Wahnschaffe took on two partners, Messrs, Wilhelm Preu and Jean Munk. On the 19th April, 1879 a branch was opened in Kissingen run by Frau Lina Preu from Nuremberg. Jean Munk left on the 8th February, and Wilhelm Preu became the sole owner. A new catalogue (see below) was issued in 1895 in which they advertised Königlich Bayerischer Hoflieferant status. As of the 1st May 1901 the partners were Wilhelm Preu, Andreas Munzer and Ferdinand Staudt. In 1905 the business had expanded so they split the wholesale and retail businesses, transferring the wholesale & export operations to Fürtherstraße 35. By 1907 Wilhelm and Lina Preu had left their shares in the company to their son Karl. A new catalogue was launched in 1908. 
On the 1st February 1909, the business became known as Nürnberger Spielwaren - Hans Fritz C. Müller vormals Detailgeschäft der Firma A. Wahnschaffe in Nürnberg. The Bad Kissingen branch adopted the new company name on the 30th September 1909, but was renamed A. Wahnschaffe on 27th April 1914 and was finally closed on the 24 October 1929. The Munich branch was run by Rosa Dienes, as manager, and who was originally an employee who had joined in 1898. Meanwhile by 1923, the proprietors were Fritz Müller and Andreas Munzer, still based at Josefsplatz 18. On the 22nd May 1931 the company was dissolved and on the 12th May 1932, Johann Henry Munker became the new proprietor, with the new company name of Munker & Co. Spielwarenhandlung G.m.b.H. based at Königstraße 45, whilst retaining Josefsplatz 18. This changed almost immediately to Wahnschaffe-Munker Nürnberger Spielwaren G.m.b.H. The company altered its status again, becoming Wahnschaffe-Munker Nürnberger Spielwaren K.G. on the 3rd November 1936. Another new catalogue was issued in 1938, but no longer listed pewter items. In 1949 the company address was listed as Keßlerplatz 17, and in 1952, Ludwigstraße 40. Another company name change, Spielwaren Munker K.G. came in 1962. The company closed on the 17th August 1981 and was finally wound up by the 28th September 1982.

Purchased steins from: 
 Hauber & Reuther, Merkelbach & Wick
Reference: John McGregor  Zinnfiguren-Bleifiguren

A. Wahnschaffe 19-7-22-4Engraved "Viet Stoss, Pet. Vischer, Albr. Durer, and Adam Kraft".Merkelbach & Wick. Un-Numbered.
A. Wahnschaffe 19-7-22-3 Merkelbach & Wick Un-Numbered with "A,Wahnschaffe.Nurnberg" moulded  vertically behind the handle.
A. Wahnschaffe 19-7-22-2 "A,Wahnschaffe.Nurnberg"  moulded vertically behind the handle.
A. Wahnschaffe 19-7-22-1 Impressed Merkelbach & Wick Logo on base of stein.
Wahnschaffe 1 Catalogue circa.1895
A. Wahnscharfe 16-2-20-1 Click picture to enlarge.
A. Wahnschaffe 04
A. Wahnschaffe 11-6-10-1
Wanschaffe 2 Vendor's impressed mark on yet another  Hauber & Reuther #4 stein.
A. Wahnschaffe 19-1-6-1 Hauber & Reuther #4. Front view of a Nuremberg souvenir stein,  a giveaway item by the toy shop, Wahnschaffe.
A. Wahnschaffe 19-1-6-3Side view of featured Hauber & Reuther #4
A. Wahnschaffe 19-1-6-2 Impressed base marks on featured Nuremberg souvenir stein.
A. Wahnschaffe 17-4-4-3Vendor's impressed mark on another  Hauber & Reuther (Freising #4) stein.

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