Gg. (& J.E.) Winkler

J.G. Winkler & Georg Winkler
Oberhacken 18, Kulmbach, Bavaria.
Zinngießerei. / Pewterer.

George Daniel Winkler came from Augsburg to Kulmbach in 1776. In 1779, he qualified as a Zinngießermeister in Kulmbach. His son Johann Andreas Winkler (born C.1785/90 - died 1846) took over the business in 1819. His two sons, Johann George Caspar Winkler (born 1820) succeeded in 1847 followed by his brother Adam Gottlieb Winkler (born 1826 - died 1888) in 1852. Adam Gottlieb's son, George (1858 - 1912), qualified as a Zinngießermeister in 1910. Finally George's son Maximilian (1896 - 1942) who in 1913 trained under Eugen Wiedamann in Regensburg, also qualified as a Zinngießermeister.  Father and son operated their foundry and shop at Oberhacken 18, Kulmbach. The pewter business came to an end with the death of Maximilian Winkler in May 1942. 

Purchased steins from:
Reference: Kulmbacher Anzeiger, dated 5th February 2011.
Gg. & J.E. Winkler 2 Johann George Winkler lid with touch mark on underside of lid of featured stein.
J.G. Winkler & Georg Winkler 11-5-4-1 Johann George Winkler marked lid, with dedication on top side of lid, dated 1887.
Gg. & J.E. Winkler 1Stein with lid mark of Johann George Winkler
Gg. & J.G. Winkler 3Georg Winkler lid.

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