Gorham Manufacturing Co.

Gorham Manufacturing Co.
Providence - Rhode Island & 251 Fifth Avenue, New York City. United States.`
Silberschmied / Silversmiths
Founded in Providence, Rhode Island, in 1831, by Jabez Gorham in partnership with Henry L. Webster. Their main product was silver spoons, plus thimbles, combs and jewelry. When Jabez retired in 1847, the business was run by his son John Gorham. They merged with Black, Starr & Frost in 1929 to become Black, Starr & Frost & Gorham and subsequently Black Starr & Gorham, which lasted from 1940 though to 1962. The company changed hand several times after that, but is now part of the Lenox Inc. group.
Purchased steins from: Villeroy & Boch - Mettlach, Marzi & Remy, Lenox Incorporated
Reference: Black, Starr, Frost  Silver Collection Wikipedia  Gorham Silver Marks

Gorham Manufacturing Co. 13-3-21-4 Basemark of featured stein right, dating this stein to 1896 to 1906.         
Gorham Silver Co. 2 Silver hallmark, dated 1888. Close up of the picture below.        
Gorham Silver Co. 1 Silver hallmark, dated 1888.
Gorham Manufacturing Co. 13-3-21-1Stein by Lenox Incorporated, with Sterling silver lid by Gorham Manufacturing
Gorham Manufacturing Co. 5Sterling silver overlay on Villeroy & Boch - Mettlach #1526, 1/2ltr, dated 1896.
Gorham Manufacturing Co. 12-5-7-1 1/2 litre, Black-handled Marzi & Remy stein with Sterling silver Gorham lid.
Gorham Manufacturing Co. 13-3-21-3  Details of Gorham sterling silver lid.
Gorham Manufacturing Co. 13-3-21-2Enlargement of the hallmark area on the Gorham lid     
Gorham Manufacturing Co. 4 Hallmark on Sterling silver overlay on Villeroy & Boch - Mettlach #1526, 1/2ltr, dated 1896.       
Gorham Manufacturing Co. 12-5-7-2 Hallmark on Sterling silver overlay on Black-handled Marzi & Remy, dated 1894.

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