M. Commes / M. Commes Inhaber Nicolaus Commes

Belderberg 5, 5a & 5b, Bonn am Rhein. Also Cologne and Coblenz, North Rhine - Westphalia.
Porzellan-, Glas-, Crystall-, Nickel- und Cristofle-Grosshandlung. Eigene Porzellan- und Glasmalerei /
Porcelain, glass, crystal, nickel and Cristofle wholesale business. Own porcelain and glass painting.

The company was founded by Matthias Commes in 1844, who traded from the back of his horse pulled wagon. By 1848 his son, also Matthias, had established his business in premises in Bonn. A grandson Nicolaus, opened a branch in Cologne, in 1893, and yet another branch in Coblenz on the 21st September 1898. It had become M. Commes (G.m.b.H.) Inhaber Nicolaus Commes by 1902. By 1927, the Managing Directors were Jacob and Hans Commes, but the Bonn branch had disappeared from the address books by 1930. It is unknown when the Cologne branch ceased trading, but in 1945 the Coblenz branch at Entenpfuhl 21 was destroyed, but by 1950 had been rebuilt. In 1960 the company was sold to the Ferdinand family of 
Höhr-Grenzhausen, and is currently trading at Entenpfuhl 23-25.

Purchased stein bodies from: Villeroy & Boch - Mettlach.
Bonn Adressbuch 1902  Other Addressbooks  Commes  
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M. Commes / M. Commes Inhaber Nicolaus Commes 2Decorator's signature on glass.
M. Commes / M. Commes Inhaber Nicolaus Commes 15-4-25-1  Basemarks on a table service
M.CommesDecorator's / Vendor's mark on a Villeroy & Boch - Mettlach #1526 stein, dated 1902.
M. Commes 17-9-12-1 Magnified image identical to the Commes ink stamp  above.
M. Commes / M. Commes Inhaber Nicolaus Commes 12-4-20-1Newspaper advertisement for the Bonn shop, which was open between 1848 to sometime before 1927.
M. Commes / M. Commes Inhaber Nicolaus Hommes 15-11-2-1 Mark thought to be circa 1880 on a dinner plate supplied by Lorenz Hutschenreuther

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