A.S. (name unknown)

A.S. (name unknown)
Hohr? (now Hohr-Grenzhausen) Rhineland Palatinate
Entwerfer & Modelleur / Designer & Modelleur
Known dates: c.1910's - 1920's?
Designed for: Matthias Girmscheid #2034,
A.S. (name unknown) 2"Noch ist ja die Bl├╝hende Zeit.Noch sind die Tage der Rosen". "It is yet the blossoming time.The days of the roses are still here".
A.S. (name unknown) 5          Matthias Girmscheid #2034
A.S. (name unknown) 1Matthias Girmscheid #2034, designed by A.S.
A.S. (name unknown) 3"Wo ein Lied erklingt undein Kuss sich beut, da heisst's". "Where a song resounds anda well-earned kiss is called for". 
A.S. (name unknown) 4Designer's initials, A.S. identity as yet unknown.

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