Frank Herschede

Frank Herschede Clock Company
9, Emery Arcade then, in 1903, Plum Street, Cincinnati, Ohio, United States.
Verk√§ufer / Reseller for Ceramic Art Company / Lenox & Rookwood Pottery Company
Known dates. Frank Herschede: Born 1857. Died 1922
Purchased the
Rookwood Pottery Company in 1959 and moved its production to Starkville Mississippi.
Founded in 1885 - Ceased trading in 1983.
Abbey Clock  Champs Clock  Clock Guy

Frank Herschede Clock Company 1Stein made by Ceramic Art Company / Lenox Incorporated between 1896 - 1906 and marked for sale by the  Frank Herschede Clock Company.
Frank Herschede Clock Company 2Basemark on featured stein

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