Kataro Shirayamadani

Kataro Shirayamadani
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States.
Künstler / Decorator
Known dates: Born in Ishikawa, Japan, 15th August 1865. Died in Cincinnati, 19th July 1948
Decorated for the Rookwood Pottery 1887 - 1911 & 1921 - 1948
Both worked & taught at Rookwood Pottery.
Reference: Wikipedia  Walt Vogdes  Waiapo  Mintwiki

Kataro Shirayamadani 2 Rookwood Standard Glaze. Lidded stein with inlay. Pond with waterlilies and frogs playing cards.   Dated 1895. N.B. The same handle used as stein #775.
Kataro Shirayamadani 4 Basemark of the featured stein right. To date the piece, count the number of flames crowning the RP logo. From 1886 to 1900, a new flame was added until there were a total of 14 flames over the RP in 1900. In this example there are twelve flames, indicating 1898 as the year of manufacture.
Kataro Shirayamadani 3 Kataro Shirayamadani, aged 82, circa 1948, just prior to his death.
Kataro Shirayamadani 2Rookwood #775. Lidded stein with inlay. Cupids with bows, and with a frog as a thumbpull.  Dated 1898.

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