Dümler & Breiden

Rathausstraße 56/57, Bahnhofstraße 39/41, then Schulstraße 8/10, Höhr, Hesse-Nassau, Prussia. (now Höhr-Grenzhausen, Rhineland-Palatinate).
Kunststeinzeugfabrik und Zinngiesserei / Art stoneware manufacturer & pewterer

Peter Dümler (b. 7/11/1860 - d. 19/04/1907) and his brother in law Albert Breiden (b. 12/06/1860 - d. 27/05/1926) commenced manufacturing around 1883. Peter was the designer, having been trained by both R. Hanke & S.P. Gerz. In turn Albert, trained by his uncle S.P.Gerz, ran the factory. When Peter Dümler died in 1907, Albert took over running the business with the help of Bertha, Peter's widow. Peter's son Paul stepped into his father's shoes designing the Terra Sigillata range around this time, but his career was regrettably cut short, as he did not return from the war. In 1918, a cousin, Ernst Dümler joined to take his place. Meanwhile Albert had already sold his share of the business in 1913. After the war, Albert managed the business of S.P. Gerz I with the help of his sons, Adolf & Hermann. Albert died in May, 1926 at the age of 65 and Hermann continued the management of S.P.Gerz. Meanwhile, Adolf was married to Maria Theresia, née Blatt whose family business made ceramic stuff boxes. Their son Edwin was trained by Marzi & Remy and eventually became Chief Modeller for S.P. Gerz.

Production finally ceased in 1995. Whilst most steins were manufactured between 1890 and the 1930's, stein production stopped totally in 1957.

The following designers either designed the pottery for Dümler & Breiden, or put their decoration on standard pieces:
Peter Dümler
Albin Camillo Müller #853, #854, #1181,
Vendors for Dümler & Breiden: Joh. Korzilius

References:  Westerwald Adressbuch   MySteinCollection Thomas Breiden (Great Grandson)

Dümler & Breiden 0065 Dümler & Breiden #1032, dated 1914 - 1918.
Dümler & Breiden 15 Impressed Terra Sigillata mark on featured stein, #1032, considered date range 1907 - 1920.
Dümler & Breiden 3 Impressed Terra Sigillata mark on serving jug. dated, from around 1907 to the early 1920's. D&B Höhr mark, considered to be 1907 - circa 1915. 
Dümler & Breiden 13 Impressed Terra Sigillata mark,  dated from around 1909 to c.1930.
Dümler & Breiden 2  Impressed Terra Sigillata mark,  dated from around 1909 to c.1930.
Dümler & Breiden 00014 Mark taken from a moulded girl's face, paper weight, in Terra Sigillata, by Peter Dümler, piece dated 1909.
Dümler & Breiden 20-11-18-1 D&B mark on goblets #210, where the "Hohr" appears to follow the curve.
Dümler & Breiden 18-1-10-1 Manufacturer's mark on D&B #27Roman Centurion Frog
Dümler & Breiden 11-6-16-1 Impressed mark, thought to be post WW2.
Dümler & Breiden 16-4-7-1 Very early Dümler & Breiden 1/2 litre stein. Peter Dümler's PD signature is adjacent to the lower handle attachment.
Dümler & Breiden 12-4-24-1 An advertisement from Führer durch Höhr, dated 1907
Dümler & Breiden 14 D&B crossed swords ink stamp, dated from around 1930 to around 1936.
Dümler & Breiden 12 D&B crossed swords ink stamp & impressed mark, dated from around 1930 to around 1936.
Dümler & Breiden 4 Impressed D&B crossed swords, dated from around 1930 to around 1936.
Dümler & Breiden 0017 Impressed mark on  a small plate showing the mark of the French Zone (The Ruhr & Saarland) of post-war Germany, dated 1945 - 1949.
Dümler & Breiden 000004 Crossed swords ink stamp with unique "Germany" impressed mark
Dümler & Breiden 12-8-13-1 Identifier & copywrite mark on base of handle of  un-numbered stein depicting Charlemagne on front,  with Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar  on opposing sides.
Dümler & Breiden 19-1-14-1 Cast mark on the underside of the lid on #363, dated post 1895.
Dümler & Breiden 17-3-16-1 Basemark on a military stein, showing U.S. occupational troops in relief, circa 1918 - 1919.
Dümler & Breiden 15-9-2-3 This stein # 1181 is usually made from Terra Sigillata, however this rare example has a Braun geflammt (Flamed brown) glaze, except on the base.
Dümler & Breiden 15-9-2-1 Rare Kölnisch Braun glaze impressed mark on above stein.
Dümler & Breiden 015 The mysterious "KB" mark has finally been identified and stands for the  Kölnisch Braun glaze used on Dümler & Breiden pieces between the early 1920's and the mid 1930's.
Dumler & Breiden 10 Impressed D&B crossed swords, with Kölnisch Braun glaze, dated from around 1930 to around 1936.
Dümler & Breiden 18-1-30-3 Dümler & Breiden #1714
Dümler & Breiden 18-1-30-2 "Chess Pawn" basemark on Dümler & Breiden #1714
Dümler & Breiden 6 Later impressed mark, D&B "short" crossed swords.
Dümler & Breiden 11-4-3-1 Early mark D&B #8
Dümler & Breiden 19-4-29-1 D&B #68
Dümler & Breiden 00015 Hand painted mark, dated 1925

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