Joh. Korzilius

Cologne-Ehrenfeld, Rhine Province or Rhenish Prussia, Prussia (now North Rhine-Westphalia)
Keramikwarenhandel. / Ceramic's Vendor
Hoflieferant / Supplier to a Ducal? court.
Known dates: 1910.

The German spelling for Cologne, varied over the years. So in 1900 the Prussian Minister for Interior Affairs, issued an edict that the correct spelling for Cologne was Cöln. However, on the 1st February 1919, the mayor of Cologne, Konrad Adenauer, stated the official name was again Köln. Probably most people continued to use the spelling they preferred.

Purchased steins from: Dümler & Breiden
Reference: Jewish Museum

Joh. Korzilius 1  Dümler & Breiden #299. This is one of two anti-Judaic steins designed by Peter Dümler circa 1882. The title of this one is "Freedom". The second design  #300 is labelled, "Germania crushes the serpent's head underfoot". This particular example also displays the date 1910, indicating it might have been re-issued. Some examples of the text are as follows: "Deutsches Haus Juden haben keinen Zutritt" (To German houses, Jews have no entry). "Luck and jubilation ring in greater Germany now that the Jews are gone." In one of the scenes, the newly arrived expellees are beginning to dance around and worship a golden calf. In one scene is the message: "Kauft nicht bei Juden" (Don't buy from Jews).
Joh. Korzilius 2 Lid of featured  Dümler & Breiden #299 stein, immediately above.
Joh. Korzilius 13-6-11-6 Side views of another example of  Dümler & Breiden #299
Joh. Korzilius 13-6-11-3 Alternative lids fitted on Dümler & Breiden #299 stein.
Joh. Korzilius 4 Featured stein (top left). Significance of the date of 1910 is unknown. Figure depicted is Deutsche Michel / Michl or German Michael, a fictional character who is representative of how the German people thought of themselves as "easy going" and as the "everyday man". He is presumably suggesting somewhat forcibly that the Jews leave Germany.
Joh. Korzilius 13-6-11-5 Side views of another example of  Dümler & Breiden #299  
Joh. Korzilius 13-6-11-4 Alternative lids fitted on Dümler & Breiden #299 stein. 
Joh. Korzilius 3 Featured stein (top left). Vendor of anti-Judaic stein.

Joh. Korzilius img 01 Yet another example of  a Dümler & Breiden stein. This one marked with an impressed(!) Korzilius mark.
Joh. Korzilius img 02 The impressed Korzilius mark.

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