F. Mallet

Fritz Mallet
Erlangen, Bavaria.
Malerei und Zinngie├čerei / Decorator & Pewterer
Known dates: Fritz Mallet (born 5th July 1899) 

Purchased stein bodies from: Merkelbach & Wick

F. Mallet This stein, dated 1896, celebrates the 60th Stiftungsfest (Foundation Celebration) of the Christliche Studentenverbindung (C.St.V) Uttenruthia Erlangen. Founded on 05/03/1836 as a Christian students fraternity, it was the first with a "no fencing" policy. Its members are known as Uhus or Eagle Owls, the colours are Black-Gold-Black, and the motto is: "Frisch, Fromm, Froh, Frei" or " Fresh, Devout, Joyful, Free". It was a founder member of the Wingolfsbund in 1844 and of the Schwarzburgbund in 1887. Finally it was the first fraternity to be reinstated in 1946, after W.W.II, and still exists today. Reference: Uttenruthia  C.St.V.Uttenruthia   Wikipedia 
F. Mallet 2 Cast pewter mark on the stein above, dated 1896, celebrates the 60th Stiftungsfest (Foundation Celebration) of the ChristlicheStudentenverbindung (C.St.V) Uttenruthia Erlangen. 
 F. Mallet 16-7-8-1 Artist's signature on the base on the  Merkelbach & Wick student stein.
F. Mallet 16-7-8-1Unfinished 3 litre student stein by Merkelbach & Wick
F. Mallet 16-7-8-2Unfinished student stein by Merkelbach & Wick
Fritz Mallet 21-1-6-5Brewery Stein Body, "Reifs-Brauerei Erlangen".
Fritz Mallet 21-1-6-4Impressed base mark "Merkelbach & Wick, Grenzhausen".
Fritz Mallet 21-1-6-3"F. Mallet, Erlangen"on the underside of pewter lid.
Fritz Mallet 21-1-6-2"Reif's Brauerei Erlangen" on Stein lid.

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