Louis Otto Bretschneider

Herrenstraße 50, Karlsruhe. Baden. (Now Baden Württemberg.)
Zinngießerei / Pewterer.
First listed 1893 - retired 1922. Remained at this address as a "privateer" (Person of financial means).
Lidded steins for: Marzi & Remy  Villeroy & Boch - Mettlach  Gebrüder Jung
Reference: Karlsruhe Adressbuch

Bretschneider 1 Socialist Turner stein with FFST instead of 4-F logo and Frei Heil (hail freedom) salutation instead of Gut Heil (good health).  FFST stands for Frisch, Frei, Stark und Treu (energetic, free, strong and true)
Bretschneider 2 Pewterer's touchmark on the underside of the lid of the featured glass stein, above.
Bretschneider 20-12-17-21/2 litre stein by Gebrüder Jung
Bretschneider 20-12-17-1Pewterer's touch mark on the  underside of  lid on Gebrüder Jung stein.
Retschneide 2 "Rein Zinn"
Retschneid 1 Bretschneider / Karlsruhe
Bretschneider 16-9-10-2Villeroy & Boch - Mettlach #1913, dated 1889
Bretschneider 16-9-10-1Pewterer's touchmark on the inside the tang affixing the lid of the featured V&B-M stein.

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