P.W. Remy

P.W. /J.W.) Remy?
Grenzhausen, Hesse-Nassau, Prussia. (now Hohr-Grenzhausen, Rhineland Palatinate) 
Steinzeugfabrikant  / Stoneware manufacturer
Known dates: 1893 - 1910
There were at least four ceramics companies, who had members based in the Höhr-Grenzhausen area, who included the name of Remy. These were all descendents of the original Jacob Remy of the late 1500's. These also included a distributor in Grenzhausen with the name Merkelbach & Remy. They were probably all cousins at some level.
There is currently little known documentation on half of these.
Reference: Remy Family 1, Remy Family 2.
P.W.Remy11 Litre,  IX. Bayerisches Turnfest Passau 1893
P.W Remy 2 (P. or J.) W. Remy, Grenzhausen, on the Passau stein above.
P.W. /J.W.) Remy? 21-10-9-1V.K.A. is unknown, but the crest indicating it was located in Düsseldorf, commemorating an event during 1904 - 1910. Nunquam retrorsum  "Never Backward".
P.W. /J.W.) Remy 21-10-9-1 J. W. Remy, Grenzhausen ` on the underside of the lid of the VKA stein.

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