F. Braun

F. Braun
Munich, Bavaria
Zinngie├čerei. / Pewterer.
Known dates: c.1890 - c.1920
It is as yet not proven that Braun & F. Braun are the same company.
Purchased stein Bodies from: Reinhold Merkelbach

F. Braun 4 The glass stein on which this lid resides had the following note, see below, "This is the glass, used on the "Stammtisch" (table reserved for regulars), which belonged to your great-grandfather Johann Philipp Sieber, organ builder, born 8th June 1806 in Holzkirchen, Kreis (district of) N├Ârdlingen, Bavaria".
F. Braun11-4-20-3
F. Braun 3 Cast mark on featured lid above.
F. Braun 1 Lid by F. Braun mounted on Reinhold Merkelbach lid.
F. Braun 2Punched mark on pewter lid of featured stein.

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