F. Weschke

F. Weschke (Witwe) / Zinn Kleinschmidt e.K.

Wahlenstraße 4, (shop) Prüfeningerstraße 72c, (workshop) Regensburg, Bavaria.

Zinngießerei / Pewterer

The first recorded "Zinngießermeister" of the family was August Willkom Weschke. In 1723 he purchased Wahlenstraße 4, and founded a pewter business there in 1727. August died in 1740 in Regensburg. 

 Between circa 1815 & 1820 Christian Gottlieb Weschke trained Adam Friedrich Wiedamann to become a Master Pewterer and start his own Pewter Foundry. Several

 generations of master pewterers both preceded and followed, working at this address. The last was Friedrich Weschke who died in 1931. His wife Luise Weschke ran the business with three employees between 1931 and 1935. Fritz Kleinschmidt (b.1907 - d.1978) then took over, but after few months changed the company name because of its poor reputation. In 1948 a modern workshop was built at Prüfeninger Straße 72c, because the original workshop no longer fulfilled the requirements of commercial inspectors. The shop still remains at Wahlenstraße 4. On January 1, 1969 the company became a limited partnership consisting of Fritz Kleinschmidt and his son Horst. In 1976 the workshop was enlarged and modernized and is still in production today, with the Kleinschmidt family still in charge.

Reference: Kleinschmidt   Regensburg Address books

F. Weschke 2 Hotel Grüner Kranz (Hotel of the Green Wreath) lid, fitted in this case to a Sachsenglas 0.5Ltr pressed glass stein.  N.B. The cross keys of Regensburg.  
F. Weschke 1 Cast mark on the underside of the above lid. N.B. The cross keys of Regensburg.
F. Weschke (Witwe) 20-7-28-11/2 litre Steinzeugwerke Karmeliten Brauerei, Regensburg  
F. Weschke (Witwe) / Zinn Kleinschmidt 3  Postcard showing the Hotel Grüner Kranz, Regensburg. (Hotel of the Green Wreath) top left, dated 1889. `This hotel was known to be open as late as Xmas 1954.  (Click to enlarge).     ×      
F. Weschke (Witwe) 20-7-28-3Pewter lid on 1/2 litre stein Karmeliten Brauerei, Regensburg
F. Weschke (Witwe) 20-7-28-2Cast mark on the underside of the pewter lid, on 1/2 litre stein Karmeliten Brauerei, Regensburg.

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