D F Haynes Pottery

D. F. Haynes & Co. / The Chesapeake Pottery Co. / Haynes Bennett & Co. / D.F. Haynes & Son.
The corner of Nicholson Street and Decatur Street, Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Kunst-Töpferei / Art Pottery.
Founded by David Francis Haynes in 1879 as an art pottery. In 1882 he purchased the Chesapeake Pottery which had two buildings and a single kiln. The company was called D.F. Haynes & Co. until 1887 when The Chesapeake Pottery Company was organised. The name changed to Haynes Bennett & Co. when he merged with the Edwin Bennett Pottery Company, in 1890. The name then became D.F. Haynes & Son in 1895. Primarily an artist, Haynes was one of the main designers.
His goal was to produce affordable household items of quality. The factory closure date is unknown.

D F Haynes 1The I. Leisy Brewing Company was in business from 1858 to 1959, but had the name I. Leisy Brewing Company, only between 1893 and 1919. 
D F Haynes 2Haynes Baltimore ink stamp on the above tankard,
D. F. Haynes & Co. / Chesapeake Pottery 4 Ink stamp dated 1890 - 1895.
D. F. Haynes & Co. 17-12-21-3Avalon Faience was a range of Majolica items. Note the C for Chesapeake together with the stylised DFH, indicating a date of not earlier than 1887 going through to 1890.
D. F. Haynes & Co. 17-12-21-2Tankard with identical pottery to the example on the left, but this time with "Myrian" pattern Art Nouveau decoration. Note the unique handle.
D. F. Haynes & Co. 17-12-21-1Basemark on the above tankard.

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