O.W. Scheffler

C.W. Scheffler
Leipzig, Saxony & Köhnstraße, Nuremberg, Bavaria
Grosshandlung in Glas und Zinngießerei. / Glass wholesaler & pewterer.
Purchased stein bodies from: 
Known dates: 1878 - 88
Theodor Wieseler worked as a representative, covering Bavaria, Baden & Württemberg for C. W. Scheffler.
In 1886 he opened a new branch of C. W. Scheffler Niederlage, which was situated in Köhnstraße, Nuremberg.

Saxony Address books
O.W. Scheffler 2Punched mark, dated circa 1888 on the lid of the featured stein. Theodor Wieseler was obviously a Royalist. When he left Scheffler to start up his own company, Süddeutsche Glasmanufaktur - Theodor Wieseler, he took the same stein design, and  same subject matter with him, but sold it with his own base mark.  
O.W. Scheffler 1Kaiser Wilhelm II, together with his wife, Kaiserin Augusta Viktoria and son, Kronprinz Wilhelm. Portrait is probably dated in the year of his accession, 1888.
C.W. Scheffler 3Invoice dated 1878

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