Portheim & Sons

Portheim und Söhne
Chodau, Bohemia, Austria-Hungarian Empire (now Chodov, Czech Republic).
Steinzeug- und Porzellan Hersteller / Stoneware and porcelain manufacturer

Founded as a stoneware factory in 1811 by Franz Miessl. Benedikt Hasslacher & Christian Traugott Kreissl joined as partners in 1812 and 1820 respectively. In 1830, the factory started to produce porcelain, receiving their licence in 1835. Between 1822 and 1834, the factory was leased by a succession of people. On the 1st July 1834, Johann Dietl, Johann Huttner, and Johann Schreyer purchased the factory, calling it Johann Huttner & Co. In turn, in 1843 Ernst August Geitner, Johann Stirba, and Christian Friedrich Wesenberg bought the factory, calling it Geitner & Stirba.
In 1845 Leopold Judah Porges von Portheim (b.4th April 1784-d.10th Jan. 1869) purchased the factory. In 1841 he and his elder brother, Moses (b.13th Dec.1781-d.21st May.1870) had received the noble title of Edler (Knight) von Portheim from Emperor Ferdinand of Austria
. So when in 1847, Moses and his sons joined the company, he renamed it, Portheim und Söhne. In 1872, when Haas & Czjzek purchased the factory they just called it the Haas & Czjzek branch, Chodau.

Reference:  www.Porges.net  Wikipedia  George Schamberger

P&S 2Impressed mark on featured stein.       ×      
P&S 1Similar to some steins made by Villeroy & Boch, dated sometime between 1847 - 1872. The tableau is reminiscent of a design by Ludwig Foltz II

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