Haas & Czjzek

Haas Č?j?ek
Store: 23 Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Str, Budapest. 1, Kärntnerstraße (now: Kärntner Straße) 5, Vienna. 
Factory: Schlaggenwald, Bohemia, Austro-Hungarian Empire (Now called Horni Slavkov, Czech Republic.)
Hersteller / Manufacturer.
The factory was founded in 1792 by Johann Georg Paulus, with two other partners. It was not particularly successful until 1803, when the chemist, Johann Georg Lippert (b.1771-d.1843) began to manage the company and who in turn invited Wenzel Haas (b.1770-d.1830), a mining expert to join him as a partner. At this time they employed 21 people and had a warehouse in Vienna. The company was appointed as the official supplier of porcelain in 1812 to Emperor Francis I of Austria and his daughter Marie Louise. Wenzel's son August took over in 1830. G. Lippert died in 1843, and his shares were inherited by his daughter Emilie and his son-in-law Johannes Möhling. August Haas subsequently purchased these shares and became the company's sole owner. By 1836 they had 250 employees. In 1857 August employed his nephew, Johann Č?j?ek. On August's death in 1867, his son Georg Haas together with Johann Č?j?ek, took over the management of the porcelain factory as partners. In 1872 Haas & Č?j?ek purchased the old Portheim und Sohne factory, at Chodau, Bohemia, Austro-Hungarian Empire. (Now known as Chodov, Czech Republic). This brought their total number of employees up to 1000. The Haas & Č?j?e department store was opened in 23 Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Str, Budapest in 1879. Over the years the company was passed down through the two families. From 1924 to 1929 production reached 200 tonnes of porcelain a month. By the 1930's trading conditions had deteriorated, and there was a devastating fire at the main factory in 1937, causing the number of employees to drop to 390. On 24 October 1945 the factory was nationalized by means of the Bene? Decrees. On 1 July 1988 the factory in Horní Slavkov became part of the state enterprise, Karlovarský porcelán (Karlovy Vary Porcelain). In 1992, two hundred years after its foundation, the Slavkov porcelain factory was declared a cultural monument. Today, the Haas & Č?j?ek company is again independent and sells its own products with its traditional brand.

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Haas & Czjzek Haas & Č?j?ek purchased the old Portheim und Sohne factory at Chodau, Bohemia, Austro-Hungarian Empire. (Now known as Chodov, Czech Republic) This mark was used there, between 1918 and 1938.  
Haas & (Johann) Czjzek 15-6-8-1Stein manufactured by Haas & Czjzek, but decorated by Otto Stockhammer  of Salzburg Austria.
Haas & (Johann) Czjzek 15-6-8-2Basemarks on the featured stein, which include the decorator Otto Stockhammer and the stein manufacturer Haas & Č?j?ek of Chodov, Czech Republic.

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