Arthur Schiller

Arthur Schiller (& Co.) (and Son)
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Distributor and Supplier to Hotels, Railways and Airlines.
Known dates: This company started in Chicago, as Arthur Schiller & Co. about 1892. They are listed as such in the New York Times of 6th December 1896. They distributed mainly china from Porzellanfabrik Weiden Gebrüder Bauscher before WW I; and continued after the war with other china manufacturers as well. Thuemler was their major stein supplier and they specialised in producing brewery steins.
Known stein suppliers: Porzellanfabrik Weiden Gebrüder Bauscher 

 Thuemler Manufacturing Co.


Arthur Schiller (& Co.) (and Son) 17-1-30-2`"Burg Bräu" Independent brewing association - pre prohibition.
Arthur Schiller (& Co.) (and Son) 17-1-30-1 Basemark on the "Burg Bräu" stein, showing the Thuemler concentric rings on the base. 
A Schiller & Son 1Wo vom Zapfen schäumt das Bier, kannst du ruhig sitzen, sag ich dir, gute Wirthe haben keine Spritzen.   "Where from the tap foams the beer, you can sit in peace, so I say, (because) good innkeepers do not splash or spray".
A. Schiller 2 Representation of Gambrinus on the top of the handle on featured stein has been seen on other brewery steins produced by The Thuemler Manufacturing Co..  
A. Schiller 3 Ink stamp on the base of the featured stein. This stein was decorated by the Thuemler Manufacturing Co

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