Friedrich Krebs

Friedrich Krebs (Exporthaus Senefelder)

Frankfurt am Main, Hesse

Fabrik und Lager sämmtlichen Maschinen, Utensilien und Materialien für Photo-, Typo- und Lithographie. / 

Factory and warehouse production machinery, tools and materials for Photo, Typography and Lithography.

Known dates: 1886

Purchased steins from: August Saeltzer

References: Google books   Frankfurt Adressbücher

Fried Krebs 1Porcelain stein decorated via an outline transfer print and hand painting by the August Saeltzer company during the ownership of Louis Martini. The tableaux shows tools of the printer's trade, pens, brushes, pestle & mortar and ink rollers, indicating that this stein was produced to celebrate Friedrich Kreb's business and was a publicity piece to be given to favoured clients. The motto at the base of the tableaux is "Saxa Loquuntur" which translates as "Stones Speak".
Fried Krebs 2 The basemark inkstamp shows a Crab or Lobster, which was the trademark of Friedrich Krebs of Frankfurt am Main. The top line of the ink stamp reads "Exporthaus Senefelder" which gives credit to Alois Senefelder, the inventor of the Lithographic Printing process.

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