Wilhelm August Saeltzer

(Wilhelm) August Saeltzer
Frauenberg 44, Eisenach. Thuringia.
Thonwaarenfabrikant & Künstler / Earthenware manufacturer & decorator.
Preußisch Königlich Hoflieferant / Supplier to the Prussian King's Court. (Wilhelm I)
Hoflieferant in Eisenach (P.T.u.E.) Herzogtum Sachsen-Weimar-Eisenach / Supplier to the court of Charles Alexander, Grand Duke of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach. 
 The factory was founded in 1858 with the manufacture of furnaces. Production of earthenware Grecian style vases commenced 1864. They did not have the capability to produce stoneware, so all stoneware steins were purchased in for decoration. To show off their expertise they exhibited at the 1873 World Exhibition in Vienna, where amongst other items the following were catalogued: 1. 2, 3, 4, 5.  Saeltzer died on 10th May 1880. The company was purchased by Louis Martini, a mould maker from Meissen who intoduced the involvement of transfers into the decoration process. The company was inherited by Marie Martini in 1898 and was known to be the owner, together with Paul Martini, as the merchant, both in 1900 and 1906. Jacob Winkler, a merchant, owned the company from 1912 to 1922. It was finally wound up in 1930.

Purchased stein bodies from:
Reinhold Hanke, Reinhold Merkelbach, Merkelbach & Wick  Marzi & Remy, Dümler & Breiden, Albert Jacob Thewalt, Fritz Thenn, Porzellanmanufaktur Nymphenburg
Villeroy & Boch - Mettlach.
Steins lidded by: G. Rebestock
Steins decorated by: Louis Rembach
References: Ron Fox   John McGregor   Eisenach Adressbuch  Wikipedia  Eisenach Adressbuch 1920

(Wilhelm) August Saeltzer 20-11-28-2Unnumbered Merkelbach & Wick Pitcher, decorated by painter "F" employed by August Saeltzer
(Wilhelm) August Saeltzer 20-11-28-1Basemarks on pitcher, above, decorated by painter "F" employed by August Saeltzer. Decoration number 119.
(Wilhelm) August Saeltzer 11-8-24-1 Signature Decorator "S".
Wilhelm August Saeltzer 1 Signature Decorator "F".
Wilhelm August Saeltzer 2 Signature Decorator "M".
(Wilhelm) August Saeltzer 18-8-23-1 Another unknown decorator: G. von B.
(Wilhelm) August Saeltzer 15-7-12-1 Yet another Saeltzer decorator.
(Wilhelm) August Saeltzer 010 No 42, unknown decorator
(Wilhelm) August Saeltzer 11 Signature on Stein 42 - Unknown decorator.
(Wilhelm) August Saeltzer 12-11-29-1 Advertisement featured in the Ceramical Address Book of 1883. 
(Wilhelm) August Saeltzer 7 Signature Decorator "H".
Wilhelm August Saeltzer 4 Signature Decorator "G".
(Wilhelm) August Saeltzer 0012 Unknown Decorator
(Wilhelm) August Saeltzer 013 Unknown Decorator "L"
(Wilhelm) August Saeltzer 12-4-24-1 Unknown Decorator "L"
(Wilhelm) August Saeltzer 16-7-4-1 Intertwined SA base mark on Saeltzer Kreussenware stein, with a pewter footring.
(Wilhelm) August Saeltzer 12-6-9-1 Another Saeltzer decorator
(Wilhelm) August Saeltzer 20-11-28-3"Jss was gar ist.            Eat what is cooked Trink was car ist.          Drink what is clearSprich was wahr ist.    Speak what is trueLieb was rar ist".           Love what is rare
Wilhelm August Saeltzer 5 Signature Decorator "S". on the above stein.
(Wilhelm) August Saeltzer 8 Signature Decorator "F" plus an ink stamp showing the appointment as Preußisch Königlich Hoflieferant.
Wilhelm August Saeltzer 6 Unknown Decorator. Perhaps August himself!
Wilhelm August Saeltzer 3 Signature Decorator "F" plus an ink stamp showing the appointment as Preußisch Königlich Hoflieferant.
(Wilhelm) August Saeltzer 0011 Unknown Decorator
(Wilhelm) August Saeltzer 12-3-8-1 Impressed oval "Saeltzer, Eisenach" marks.
(Wilhelm) August Saeltzer 12-7-6-1 Decorator's signature on a later porcelain stein - "Hasken"
(Wilhelm) August Saeltzer 13-9-16-1 Unknown Decorator "L"     ×      

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