G. Hasché

Gottfried Hasché (Inhaber Richard (und Mar.) Hasché)

Stalitzerstraße 136, Strausenstraße 29 & , Berlin S.W 19., Prussia (now the Federal City State of Berlin)
Groslager Glas und Porzellan en gros et en detail, eigene Porzellan Malerei / Outlet, selling glass and porcelain, wholesale and retail, with porcelain decoration
Founded in 1872, the business was owned and run by Gottfried Hasché until circa 1882.
In 1883 the business was taken over by Richard Hasché (son?) and, presumably his wife, Mar. Hasché. 

Circa 1894 Marie? died and Richard continued on by himself until 1912, when his name too, disappeared from the address books.
Stein bodies purchased from:
Merkelbach & Wick,
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Hesche 1-12-19Rathenow Bierbrauerei, seit 1892, situated on the now defunct brewery building.
G. Hasche 1Rathenower was the brew supplied by the Rathenow Brewery, situated on the corner of Brauhausstraße and Gross Hagenstraße, Rathenow, in the State of Brandenburg. The brewery was founded in 1892, but closed in 1997. The mention of Münchener Bier must relate to the recipe rather than its geographical source.
G. Hasche 2Basemark on featured stein.

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