JCR Wolfel

J.C.R. Wölfel
Jever, Lower Saxony.
Keramikwarenhandel. / Ceramics Retailer.
Known dates: 1889 - 1890
Purchased steins from: Merkelbach & Wick
Reference: Uni Heidelberg
J.C.R. Wölfel 16-12-30-2Front tableau of the Bismarck stein showing the 1 litre Silver Peewit Pokal donated in 1883 by Otto von Bismarck to the Stammtisch (a committee of upright and notable citizens, known as the "Faithful") of Jever. This Stammtisch, the third oldest in Germany, still meets regularly .
JCR Wolfel 1 Beiblatt der Fliegenden Blätter, Nr. 2365, Drittes Blatt, 93. Band (93rd volume) München, den 23. November 1890 Bismarck Honoured!  Bismarck Stein, 1/2 L, in ivory Majolica, richly detailed, with a portrait of the Prince and a picture of the pokal presented by the Chancellor to the Faithful, with the quotation by the loyal Chancellor. "We Germans fear God, (but nothing else in the world!.)" Price 6 Marks, only available from   J. C. R. Wölfel, Jever. The quotation above was made on February 6th, 1888, when Bismarck made one of his last and most  famous Reichstag speeches.
J.C.R. Wölfel 16-12-30-4 Otto von Bismarck's Peewit Pokal, dated 1883, as shown on the Merkelbach & Wick stein left. Here, the third leg is hidden from view. The pokal is now part of the collection of the  Günter Markklein Bismarck Museum in Jever.
J.C.R. Wölfel 16-12-30-5 Thumbpull on the featured stein, which includes a representation of the Prussian Eagle together with Bismarck's Fürsten Crown.
J.C.R. Wölfel 16-12-30-1 Bismarck Stein, 1/2 L, in ivory Majolica, as shown in the advertisement, bottom left, manufactured by Merkelbach & Wick, c. 1889 - 1890. The Stammtisch of Jever satisfied Bismarck's known love of Peewit eggs with a birthday gift every year from April 1st 1873. 101 eggs were carefully packed with tissue paper and wood straw in a fancy wooden box lined with cotton in the blue/white/red colours of Schleswig Holstein, and finally included a birthday card. After the tenth year of this practice, to thank them for their generosity, Bismarck commissioned a Silver Pokal from his Berlin jeweller. It was designed as an egg with a Peewit's head and three Peewit's feet for stability. It had a gold plated interior and was engraved with the Bismarck family arms and the Fürsten Crown. The Pokal can be seen today in the Günter Markklein Bismarck Museum in Jever. Adapted from an article by George Schamberger in the SCI quarterly magazine, "Prosit" of March 2016.
J.C.R. Wölfel 16-12-30-3 Pewter lid on the  featured stein, depicting a portrait of the Prince: Fürst Otto von Bismarck, Reichskanzler  Prince Otto von Bismarck, Reich-Chancellor

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