A.& B. Pruckner

Bartholomäus Pruckner / Pruckner's Nachfolger
Promenadeplatz 3, Munich. Bavaria.
Zinngießermeister / Master Pewterer
Founded in 1827 by Bartholomäus Pruckner. Nothing is currently known about Bartholomäus other than by 1874 the company is being run by his widow, Magdalena and a Zinngießer Robert (presumably his son). Also in that year there is listed a Max, formerly a Zinngießermeister, listed at Theresienstraße 73, which might have been Bartholomäus's retired brother. The company was purchased by Ludwig Mory in 1889 and renamed L. Mory - Pruckners Nachfolger. 

Stein bodies purchased from: Merkelbach & Wick, Regensburg, Dorfner & Co,
Reference: Zinn Mory  Adressbuch München 1874

Bartholomäus Pruckner 12-12-24-1 Blown glass stein by an unknown producer, with 4 rows of green "prunts".
Bartholomäus Pruckner 12-12-24-2 Identical pewter has been seen marked "Kreitman". This lid is shown on featured stein above.
Bartholomäus Pruckner 12-12-24-3 Pewterer's mark on the underside of the lid above, mounted on the featured glass stein.
Bartholomäus Pruckner / Bruckners Nachfolger 14-10-17-2 Pewterer's mark on the underside of a pewter lid.
Bartholomäus Pruckner 11-5-24-1This Dorfner & Co. stein, from an 1848 drawing by Ludwig Foltz II, is a copy of Villeroy & Boch - Mettlach #24, which was taken from a finished stein rather than an original mould. Boch Freres and E. Kick of Amberg also produced similar copies. Here we see this piece with a Pruckner lid.
Bartholomäus Pruckner 11-5-24-2 Pruckner lid on featured stein shows in its tableau, Schrannenplatz of Munich, which was renamed Marienplatz on the 9th October 1854, indicating that the lid was made before then. The underside is marked B. Pruckner in Munchen.
Bartholomäus Pruckner11-6-4-1 Cast mark on the underside of the lid of the Dorfner stein.
Bartholomäus Pruckner 11-5-24-3 Base mark" Hirschau" of the featured stein, indicating the original Dorfner & Co,
A&B.Pruckner 3 Cast mark on the underside of a pewter lid.
Bartholomäus Pruckner / Bruckners Nachfolger 14-10-17-1 Cast mark on the underside of a pewter lid.
A&B.Pruckner 2 B. Pruckner in Munchen, plus an angel with scales denoting the pewter purity (no lead), on the underside of a lid.

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