Richard Scheibe (Witwe)
Attic and ground floor of Ketschengasse 3, Coburg. Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Thuringia, (joined Bavaria 1920.)
Glasmalerei und Zinngie├čerei. / Glass decorator & pewterer
Richard Scheibe was born in 1860 in Delitzsch (near Halle). In 1900 he purchased the business of Ferdinand Bagge, and introduced both glass decoration and art glazing. He subsequently died in 1921, and his widow Margarete ran the business until 1927. During this latter time, the glass decoration facility disappeared and the business only included pewter work.
Purchased stein bodies from: Merkelbach & Wick
Reference: Sechstausend Kandel.

R.Schribe 1

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