Wilhelm Eitel

Handschuhsheimer Landstraße 43a, Landfriedstraße 10, Heidelberg. Baden. (now Baden - Württemberg)
Kunstmaler - Glas-, Porzellan- und Wappenmalerei / Artist painter - glass, porcelain and coats of arms decorator 
He worked from home at Handschuhsheimer Landstraße 43a from 1909. In 1911 he occupied the workshop at Landfriedstraße 10, which had been, or was being, used by Franz Huth, the second son of Louis Huth of Pößneck. (It is not known whether they occupied the workshop, simultaneously or consecutively). Wilhelm Eitel ran the business here until 1915 or 1916, whilst living at his home in Schröderstraße 51. He then disappeared from the records. We assume he died since a Rosa Eitel - widow is recorded at Schröderstraße 25, in 1916. She did not continue the business.    
Purchased steins from: Reinhold Merkelbach
Reference: Heidelberger Adressbücher 

W.Eitel 1Artist's signature on the base of a Reinhold Merkelbach or Steinzeugwerke #1741 stein, designed by Richard Riemerschmid, dated 1911 - 1915/16.

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