Alfons Wilhelm Lötschert.

Alfons Wilhelm Lötschert. 
Gartenstraße. Works: Oststraße 9, Grenzhausen, Hesse-Nassau, Prussia, from 1904 until 1938. In 1939, Oststraße 9 was then renamed Auf der Heide 49, Höhr-Grenzhausen. The street is now called Töpferstraße, Höhr-Grenzhausen, Rhineland-Palatinate.
Hersteller / Manufacturer
Alfons Lötschert's (b.17th April 1863 - d.24th November 1945). company was founded on  the 29th March 1912 and was in production until 1919. After S.P Gerz I died in 1893, Lötschert, being S.P.Gerz's son in law, took control of the company Simon Peter Gerz I. However in 1912 he set up in his own name in Gerz's original stoneware works. It has been suggested that he took both some moulds and personnel with him. He sold parts of the property, ie.a kiln and various moulds and materials in 1919 to
Dr Fritz Hammerschmidt  who was listed at Oststraße 9, in 1921.
The following designers either designed the pottery for Alfons Wilhelm Lötschert, or put their decoration on standard pieces:
Anni Offterdinger  Wilhelm Ratelbeck  Trude Study  Peter Behrens

Alfons Wilhelm Lötschert. 1 Lötschert #371
Alfons Wilhelm Lötschert. 2 Base of featured Lötschert stein #371.
Alfons Wilhelm Lötschert. Alfons Wilhelm Lötschert. 11-8-23-1 Lötschert #322 0.3 litres The accompanying 2 Litre serving jug #322, designed by Wilhelm Ratelbach, can be seen on the Dr. Fritz Hammerschmidt page and has the same #322 number
Alfons Wilhelm Lötschert. 11-8-22-1Base of 0.3 litres Lötschert stein #322
Alfons Wilhelm Lötschert. 18-2-18-2Lötschert #341
Alfons Wilhelm Lötschert. 18-2-18-1Base of featured Lötschert stein #341.

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