Johann "Hans" Wewerka

Joseph W. Wewerka / Rudolf Wewerka / Hans Wewerka
Höhr, Hesse-Nassau, Prussia. (now Höhr-Grenzhausen, Rhineland-Palatinate).
Modelleur / Modeller 
Rudolf Wewerka (b. 27 August 1889 - d. 28 June 1954) was the son of Joseph W. Wewerka, a potter and decorator who came to Höhr in 1901, originating from the Bohemian village of Albrechtsdorf, Kreis Gablonz, Austro-Hungary, (now Albrechtice v Jizerských horách, Liberac, Czech Republic). Rudolf had an older brother Hans (b.13 February 1888 - d. 1917), they both attended the Königliche Keramische Fachschule in Höhr; Rudolf from 1903 to 1906 and Hans from 1902 to 1905. During 1907 both brothers worked at the newly founded company of Bachem & Ritz, Kunsttöpferei und Terrakottafabrik in Beuel bei Bonn. Due to the fact that the Jugendstil period commenced around 1895, it is feasible that either the father, Joseph W. or son, Rudolf could have been employed with others, to produce a range of steins and other articles for the October 1908 catalogue of Walter Müller (Inhaber Müller & Werner). Without factual evidence, it is the author's and other's opinion that it was probably Rudolf, due to the fact that his fellow in-house designers, namely Messrs. Neidhart and Erich Müller, were of similar age and background. Later, Hans Wewerka produced many designs for figurines for both Reinhold Hanke and Steinzeugwerke Höhr Grenzhausen Gmbh.The family's artistic tradition continues with Rudolf's son, Stefan and his sons, Alexander and Phillip.
Designed for: Walter Müller Inhaber Müller & Werner.
Reference: MySteinCollection  Uni-Magdeburg

Walter Muller 106Walter Müller (Inhaber Müller & Werner) #106

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