Ebeling & Reuss

Ebeling & Reuss with trade names: Erphila, E&R 
Philadelphia, Devon & 6500 Chapmans Road, Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States.
Importer / Distributor
Theodore Ebeling and Frederick Reuss emigrated in 1886 to the United States from Germany as teenagers. In the same year they became partners with John E.F. Zeh who owned a glassware and china firm. This company became known as Zeh, Ebeling & Reuss & Co., which imported porcelain, earthenware, and stoneware from many European factories and distributed to the north east of the United States. In 1900, Zeh left the company, which was renamed Ebeling & Reuss Co. They then moved to Devon, Pennsylvania, with the company remaining in the Ebeling & Reuss families. By the late 1970's, the company was still being run by Henry Ebeling and his son George.  Kaiser Porzellan and Matthias Girmscheid were amongst the manufacturers imported. In 1988 the company went bankrupt. Ronald D. Rapelje (b.1940-d.2009) joined around 1988 and in 1992 he purchased the assets of the company and moved it to Allentown, where it was purchased by the Strathmore Corporation of Pennsylvania on April 15th 2002, with Rapelje remaining as vice president. Strathmore also own Gerold Porzellan company.
They are still in business today as importers / distributors, of china and earthenware etc.
References: Porcelain Marks & More

Ebeling & Reuss with trade names: Erphila, E&R 04Ebeling & Reuss Co. aluminised sticker, dated 1955 - 1960.
Ebeling & Reuss 13-1-21-1 Ebeling & Reuss Co. aluminised sticker, together with Kaiser Porzellan marks, dated 1970 - 1990. N.B. There are variations in the label. In this case, there is a straight cross, as opposed to the earlier Maltese cross above.
Ebeling & Reuss with trade names: Erphila, E&R 1 Matthias Girmscheid Military Monkey #837, Manufactured by Girmscheid and imported by Ebeling & Reuss Co. around 1955 - 1960.
Ebeling & Reuss with trade names: Erphila, E&R 3Impressed mark on featured stein, datable to 1949 - 1990.
Kaiser Porzellan 05 Ebeling & Reuss Co. aluminised sticker, dated 1970 - 1990, together with Kaiser Porzellan marks.

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