Felsenstein & Mainzer

Felsenstein & Mainzer
Kohlenhofstraße 60, Nuremberg. Bavaria.
Großhändler & Zinngießerei. / Wholesaler & Pewterer.
They were founded in 1886 as a small pewter shop, prior to 1890 they purchased decorated steins from Dorfner & Co. By 1900 they had around 30 employees. From 1904 they expanded their business to produce their trademark "Norica Zinn" pewterware. 
Simon Felsenstein & Sigmund Mainzer purchased steins manufactured to their own designs, mainly from Marzi & Remy, but also from Matthias Girmscheid, which were unique to themselves. A 1 litre, Reinhold Hanke #775 with a F&M and NBG marking on either side of the tang of the lid assembly has also been seen. These had the pewter lids added and were then often sold wholesale to third parties, such as L.Ostermayr  and Kunstgewerbe-Magazin Georg LeykaufFelsenstein & Mainzer was purchased by Gebrüder Bing on 20th October 1918, who continued to manufacture and sell the Felsenstein & Mainzer's product range after the takeover. The Felsenstein & Mainzer factory, as part of Gebrüder Bing was still manufacturing in Nuremberg well into the 1930's.

Reference: Character Steins  Abcap

Felsenstein & Mainzer 14-1-2-2 Pewter regimental stein commemorating the service in the 6th (Bavarian) field artillery regiment in the war years 1914/1915. This regiment was part of the 5th Field Artillery Brigade of the 5th Bavarian Infantry Division under Lieutenant-General Gustav Ritter von Schoch.
Felsenstein & Mainzer 14-1-2-1 Cast pewter base mark on featured stein above.
Felsenstein & Mainzer 0009 Manufactured by Marzi & Remy #1190, lidded by Felsenstein & Mainzer and finally sold by L. Ostermayr.
Felsenstein & Mainzer 0011 Mark from an all pewter stein, made specifically for  John Wanamaker, the Philadelphia department store.
Felsenstein & Mainzer 3 Manufactured by Marzi & Remy #208?, lid added by Felsenstein & Mainzer & finally sold by Gg.Leykauf
Felsenstein & Mainzer 11-11 Unique positioning of maker's mark, behind the handle, due to the stein having a deep feature pewter base / foot. The stoneware was probably made by Marzi & Remy.
Felsenstein & Mainzer 5 Impressed mark on stein #5047  (Manufactured by Marzi & Remy)
(Simon) Felsenstein & (Sigmund) Mainzer 06 Armoured Knight (Ritter). Stein manufactured by  Marzi & Remy, pewter added by Felsenstein & Mainzer. Marked as below.
(Simon) Felsenstein & (Sigmund) Mainzer 07 Impressed mark on Armoured Knight (Ritter).
Felsenstein & Mainzer 0010 Mark on the base of an all pewter stein
Felsenstein & Mainzer 09 P.M. Sahlströms Bokhandel, Linköping, Sverige. 1839-1939. P.M. Sahlströms Bookshop, Linköping, Sweden.
Felsenstein & Mainzer 14-9-27-1 Cast mark on the underside of a turn of the 20th century, all pewter stein.
Felsenstein & Mainzer 4 Impressed mark on stein #2020  (Manufactured by Marzi & Remy)
Felsenstein & Mainzer 12-4-10-1
Felsenstein & Mainzer 12-4-10-2 F&M (Felsenstein & Mainzer) and NBG (Nürnberg)  on either side of lid hinge shank, on Dorfner & Co. stein, therefore dated 1886 - 1890.
Felsenstein & Mainzer 21-2-10-1 Thought to be early Felsenstein & Mainzer mark.
Felsenstein & Mainzer 17-1-26-3This stein, (ECS417) by Marzi & Remy, is modelled on one of the Nuremberg towers, namely the Frauentorturm, rebuilt to its present form in 1558, to guard the Frauentor (gate). This tower is unique due to its arched windows and round, top window. In 1849 the city wall was opened up close by, and a new gate, the Königstor was built for traffic access to the railway station. Due to essential road widening, the Königstor was demolished in 1892. Because of its proximity to the Königstor, the Frauentorturm was, and still is, often wrongly referred to, as the Königstorturm. Today, the Frauentor has pedestrian access only. 
Felsenstein & Mainzer 17-1-26-2With the exception of the handle this side view appears identical to the L. Ostermayr Frauentorturm. This example has lost its weather-vane.
Felsenstein & Mainzer 17-1-26-1 Basemark of the Frauentorturm, immediately above.  Marzi & Remy #6019,  F&M. / N.
Felsenstein & Mainzer 15-2-22-4 All cast pewter stein: Tavern Scene.
Felsenstein & Mainzer 15-2-22-3 Lid on the above pewter stein, depicting a well satisfied burgher after 1 litre too many!
Felsenstein & Mainzer 15-2-22-1 Cast base mark on the featured pewter stein above

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