Theresienthaler Cristallglasfabr.

Theresienthaler Cristallglasfabrik Niederlage
Kaufingerstraße 9, Munich, Bavaria
Glaswarenhandel. / Glass Wholesaler.
Known dates: 1836 to the current day
Eduard Rauwho was the distribution agent for Theresienthaler Cristallglasfabr. of Zwiesel, Bavaria obviously purchased all his glassware from that manufacturer.
Limited amounts of 
stoneware were purchased from the Brüder Thannhauser
Glassware supplied to the following pewter companies: Brüder Thannhauser.  Josef Lichtinger & Cie
Reference: Theresienthal  Wikipedia  Die Geschichte der Glasfabrik Theresienthal  Römer aus Theresienthal  Adressbuch München 1874
Photographs courtesy of SteveonSteins (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) 
Theresienthaler Cristallglasfabrik 8This Pourer could be ordered separately or as part of a large set.
Theresienthaler Cristallglasfabrik 4One of a large range of wine servers; coloured glass with elaborate pewter work by  Die Zinnwaarenfabrik Josef Lichtinger & Cie.
Theresienthaler Cristallglasfabrik 30.5 litre, with pedestal and unusual sea shell prunts.
Theresienthaler Cristallglasfabrik Advert  Advertisement from the catalogue of Munich's 3rd International Art Exposition, dated June 1888.      Please note that this is also the address of both Karl Schüssel's Porzellan-Magazin and Eduard Rau Eduard Rau was Theresienthaler Cristallglasfabrik's Munich agent. and used premises in the Bazar as their trading address. (Click to enlarge).          
Theresienthaler 1   From a newspaper advertisement dated 1887.   Translation: Newly available!  Bismarck~Beer Stein. 1/2 liter, legally protected  with fine pewter lid (Bust in artistic presentation)  Price includes packing:  Glass Crystal 3.50 Marks. Antique Green 3.75 Marks.  With cash on delivery available from:  Theresienthaler Crystal Glass Factory Warehouse Munich.                    
Theresienthaler Cristallglasfabrik 2        Elaborately decorated glass Pokal.          
Theresienthaler Cristallglasfabrik 70.5 litre, with enamelled picture of hops and a "C" handle mounted low down.
Theresienthaler Cristallglasfabrik 60.5 litre stein. Enamelled design with matching design on lid insert.
Theresienthaler Cristallglasfabrik 5 0.5 litre stein with pewter by Brüder / Gebrüder (Josef & Albert) Thannhauser. München. who was situated next door at Kaufingerstraße 7.

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