Bruno Mauder

Bruno Mauder
Munich / Stuttgart / Zwiesel, Bavaria
Entwerfer & Modelleur / Designer & Modeller
Known dates: Born 28th April 1877 in Munich.
Died 31st July 1948 in Zwiesel.
After studying at the Munich College of Applied Arts (1899 - 1901), he worked in Munich and Stuttgart as a draughtsman.
Then he designed for the Westerwald companies during 1905 - 1908.
From 1910, he became director of the Technical Glassmaking College in the Bavarian town of Zwiesel, where he had already been working as a professor since 1908.
He designed for the glass industry for the rest of his life.

Westerwald companies he designed for:
Eckhardt & Engler
Simon Peter Gerz I: #1326
Reinhold Merkelbach: (1905 catalogue) #1873(0.5Ltr) #1874(0.5Ltr) #1875(0.3Ltr, 0.5Ltr) Later #2311
Merkelbach & Wick
Walter Müller Inhaber Müller & Werner
Reinemann & Lichtinger
Roßkopf & Gerz,

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Bruno Mauder 13-3-26-2Stylised B inside M for Bruno Mauder, as per featured stein (top centre).
Bruno Mauder 13-3-26-3 Basemarks on featured stein (top centre). Impressed mark for Merkelbach & Wick and inkstamp for Reinemann & Lichtinger, dated early 1900's.
Bruno Mauder 2 Reinhold Merkelbach #2311, dated 1905 - 1908.
Bruno Mauder 13-3-26-1Plain 1 Litre Merkelbach & Wick stein, decorated by Reinemann & Lichtinger to a design by Bruno Mauder, dated early 1900's."Mir hams ja!".
Bruno Mauder 1 Simon Peter Gerz I #1326, dated 1905 - 1908.
Bruno Mauder 14-3-4-2
Bruno Mauder 14-3-4-1Both of the above are proposed designs on paper for approval for use on steins of which the manufacturer is unknown. The top design is dated 1908. Both of them have the BM monogram towards the bottom right corner.
Bruno Mauder 20-6-17-1 The finished Bruno Mauder stein, using the lower design above.

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