Nathan Bauernfreund. München.

Frauenstraße 4c, Munich, Bavaria.
Zinngießerei & Malerei / Pewterer and Decorator

The brothers Leopold (b.1850-d.1920) and Nathan Bauernfreund (b.30th May,1853-d.1925) came from Ellwangen in Middle Franconia, where a Jewish community had existed, with interruptions, since the Middle Ages. Leopold and Nathan Bauernfreund moved to Munich as young men and together opened a dry goods and fashion accessories business in 1876. In 1883, the two brothers were jointly registered as the owners of the cast-pewterware factory "Zinngusswarenfabrik L. Bauernfreund & Cie." at Frauenstraße 4c. Leopold Bauernfreund left the company in 1892 to focus on the manufacture of pea soup stock and canned food, and later on the publishing of a journal. His brother continued to run the company until it was deregistered in 1911. 

The company specialized in elaborately designed character steins, sourced largely from the stoneware manufacturer Hauber & Reuther of Freising. These were painted and fitted with pewter lids by Bauernfreund. The Bauernfreund company did not have its own outlets but sold its wares primarily through salesmen working on commission. Three Jewish, Munich-based merchants-Samuel Liebschütz (1860-1930), Jakob Neumark (1850-1907), and Heinrich Uhlfelder (1854-1928) were most probably the main takers. 

After his brother left the company, Nathan Bauernfreund carried on the decorating and assembling of character steins. He also managed to open up a new business area, manufacturing pewter lids for beer steins, with breweries' logos on them, for several of the large breweries in Munich, such as Löwenbräu, Bürgerbräu, and Eberl-Bräu. 

In 1911 Nathan Bauernfreund closed the pewterware factory in Frauenstraße. He died in Munich in 1925, aged 72. His brother, Leopold, had died earlier in 1920. Both were buried in the New Jewish Cemetery in Munich. Nathan Bauernfreund's second wife, Charlotte, née Bernheim, who was born in 1867 in Buchau in Württemberg, was deported to Theresienstadt in 1942 and murdered. His son, Wilhelm, born in 1908, managed to emigrate to the USA. He returned to Munich in the 1960s where he died in 1995. 

Purchased stein bodies from: Villeroy & Boch - MettlachErnst Bohne SöhneMerkelbach & Wick, 

Hauber & ReutherReinhold Merkelbach,  Walter MerkelbachC.G. Schierholz

Artists: George Strödl & G.Herzog.  
Reference: Text supplied by Bernhard Purin, Director of the 
Jewish Museum, Munich. Uni-Koeln  Digital Bibliothek

Nathan Bauernfreund. München.14-10-6-1Stein made by Merkelbach & Wick & lidded by N.Bauernfreund, dated 1893.
Nathan Bauernfreund. München.14-10-6-6Touchmark on stein made by Merkelbach & Wick, shown above & lidded by N.Bauernfreund.
Nathan Bauernfreund. München. 19-3-10-1 Cast mark on the underside of lid  on a Walter Merkelbach stein.
Nathan Bauernfreund. München.14-10-6-5 San-serif touchmark on lid assembly of stein made by Merkelbach & Wick. Lidded by N.Bauernfreund.
N.Bauernfreund 5 Bürgerbräu brewery stein lidded by N.Bauernfreund.
Nathan Bauernfreund. München. 19-12-21-1 Serifed touchmark on lid assembly of stein made by  C.G. Schierholz (Alpine woman ECS-C297).  Lidded by N.Bauernfreund.
N.Bauernfreund. München. 009 Löwenbräu plain brewery stein made by Reinhold Merkelbach & with N.Bauernfreund on the lid and N.B.M. on the shank and engraved 1896/7 on the dedication.
Nathan Bauernfreund. München.20-6-18-1 A handwritten mark on the base  of another example of the  Münchener Bürgerbräu stein, top right..
Nathan Bauernfreund. München.14-10-6-2Münchener Bürgerbräu Gegr. Brügerliches Brauhaus München 1654 Schutz Marke. Dated between 1892 & 1911. The number of different identification marks used, would indicate that it was in production for an extended period.
Nathan Bauernfreund. München.14-10-6-3N. Bauernfreund ink stamp, together with impressed Merkelbach & Wick mark on the featured stein above.
Nathan Bauernfreund. München.14-10-6-4 N. Bauernfreund, Munchen touchmark on the underside of the lid of the featured stein above.
Nathan Bauernfreund. München.18-11-25-2 A different style of mark on the underside of the lid of another example of the  Münchener Bürgerbräu stein above.     ×      

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